We are exciting for January 2024 when calves start to arrive.  Several of our cattle were bred by AI to the Scottish Bull Lommond Tamnavulin (below).  Stay tuned for details of their arrival.

‚ÄčAt 2 Bridges Farm we started raising Belted Galloway cattle (or Belties) in 2016 but they are typically believed to have originated in Scotland in the 16th century.  The first exportation of Galloway Cattle to North America came in 1853 to the Graham brothers of Toronto, Canada. The Belted Galloway are a very distinctive breed with a characteristic white belt which encircles the body, the rest of the body being black, dun or red in colour.  Belties are naturally polled hill cattle and are excellent at converting rough grazing into lean meat. They have good foraging abilities, ensuring that they thrive where other breeds fail.  Their double coat of long hair helps to shed the rain and soft undercoat keeps them warm.  Although our cattle have a cozy barn they prefer to live outdoors and require little more than a wind break in the winter.  The coat is shed in hot weather, thus making the Beltie a highly adaptable and versatile breed for a variety of climates.

A mature Belted Galloway Bull can weigh between 815 and 955 kilograms. A cow ranges from 400 to 600 kilograms, new born heifers weigh, on average around 30 kilograms and a bull calf can be 35 kilograms or more.  Belted Galloway Cows are very protective mothers with excellent instincts.  They are known for their ease of calving and generally produce a live calf every year.  As a beef animal they produce lean and flavourful meat, with carcass dressed weights well in excess of 60% of live weight.  At 2 Bridges Farm we typically see our steers dress out at 272 kg at 900 days.   We find that they are excellent cattle for pasture raised rotational grazing programs. We periodically have breeding stock available and would be happy to discuss how Belted Galloway Cattle can benefit your breeding program.  Please contact us for further details